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 fave TV show?

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PostSubject: fave TV show?   Thu Aug 09, 2007 12:56 am

Hey Guys, just chilling, watching the news. I was just wondering, what's your fave TV show of all time?, and why. Mine has to be commander in cheif, which, unfortunatly, got scrapped by ABC, bastards!, sorry, Americans, don't take offence to that!, you've produced some great shows!. Gina Davis, who did the voice of MRS little in the stuart little movies, plays Mackenzie, the lead role, who becomes the first female president in America!, its great!. I've been writing a fan fiction, based on the show, its called "A woman's touch", I'm loving writing it!. If anyone wants the story so far, then, email me!, ok, speak soon guys, Amy xxxxx
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new tallent

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PostSubject: Re: fave TV show?   Thu Aug 09, 2007 1:58 pm

Hey! I would like to read your script
Lately I've been watching "Law and Order almost every night after I get home from work. They show 2 or 3 reruns a night. On all differant levels this is an incredible show; the characters; the insight into social issues and the realistic aspects o f the jusitice system. Some of the legal technicalities go over my head .
To hard to say my altime favorite, I like comedies the most. Seinfeld was one of the best I think.

Gina Davis is a very talented actress, I think of her as a movie star more than a TV Star. To bad about the cancellation, quality isn't always what they are after on the tube.
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fave TV show?
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